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"For me, it's all about telling the best possible story through beautiful aesthetics & form. Whether it is photography, videography, VFX, motion graphics, editing, or sound-design I always strive to take the utmost advantage of the medium I'm using to propel the narrative to new heights." 
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Hello, this is Chris.


Born on the sunny island of Malta. Class of 1987. Chris's first flirt with the creative arts came through his love for electronic music. After having some of his music released on various international record labels, he started to develop a passion for the audiovisual sector. After graduating in media (moving-image) at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in 2012, Chris launched his freelancing career specializing in post-production and photography. 

Today, he has been part of numerous projects, both within the commercial & creative sectors. 




“At no point within a project will he shy away from a creative discussion; Chris is as much an alternative artist as he is a beast of efficiency. In the long run, you can rest assured that Chris will deliver effectively and on time because his exceptional stamina along with his undying loyalty to both his collaborators and his product make him a one-man powerhouse.”

Sean Buhagiar

Creative Director/Producer


“Working with Chris was a breeze. Apart from his obvious talent as an editor, Chris is highly organized and efficient. What stood out particularly for me was his 'can do' attitude. He ponders and treats every hurdle as an opportunity to challenge himself and never settles. I'd recommend in a heartbeat.”

Mark Doneo

Film/TV Director


“Chris edited my short film Punchline which premiered in Berlin in 2018. His attention to detail and understanding the director’s vision is stellar and I definitely recommend him. His creativity and dedication are excellent reasons to work with him, as he’ll give his all for the project that he believes in.”

Vanessa Vella

Film/TV Director

Jimmy Grima.png

I have worked with Chris in the department of production design for the stage. He has become the editor of various video and film elements for stage works. Chris was always there for me lighting fast, efficient and precise delivery paired up with a lot of care. 


 Chris is a collaborate in my ongoing research ‘Song of a Bird’, In ‘Nassaba: Song of a Bird’:2018, he retouched and did the final edits on the video present in the documentary theatre work.

Jimmy Grima

Theatre Director


Since the first day I met him, I’ve seen Chris grow at an exponential rate, quickly establishing himself into a collaborator for all my projects. From working together in post-production down to the generation of new ideas, Chris has always given me a reliable shoulder to rely on. Not only due to his superb quality of work but also because of his admirable work ethics. 

Jameson Cucciardi

Film/TV Director


'Whatever the vision or job description may be rest assured that Chris will stop at nothing to bring it to life. Efficient, creative, dedicated and very well versed in the art of meeting deadlines, working with him is never considered to be a job, but a collaboration. Would recommend time and time again"

Alessia Caruana

Brand Executive, Teatru Malta


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